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Yes it is posted now :)
I expect lots of rates and comments as you are all really nice people and you pestered me into posting it.

So here it is.
The shotgun out of No country for old men.
At least that's what it was supposed to be. Now it looks like a cross between two. The shotgun out of Half-life2, and the other shotgun out of No country for old men. The one Josh Brolin makes. He saws off the longer barrel bit and uses it for something else and he puts a bit of tape round the handle; for comfort.
The shotgun in Half-life2 has a double barrel function where you can fire two bullets at once, but I won't go into technicalities.
This shotgun is pump action with a new handle that I have never seen before and is incredibly comfortable. The trigger works a treat too.
There is probably something I could do to improve it.
Like make a magazine of add a stock protruding from the handle.


Step 1: The Handle.

Of all comfort.
Feel free to use this gun in any of your models, however if you're going to post it, just mention my name and I'll be satisfied.

All pictures in this Instructable are of poor quality.
Do not complain or I will be obliged to remove this Instructable.

Step 2: The Double Barrel.

This is the front bit at the end where you load the bullets.
The muzzle if you will; as this gun is "muzzle loaded, single shot"

Step 3: The Second Bit of the Barrel.

The title says it all.
If you get stuck on any of the steps, I am always more than willing to help because the shotgun is still made and always will be.

Step 4: The Pump and the Main Barrel.

I am getting fed up of saying "credit to Dsman197256" as I frequently use his barrel from the dd-27. This is because it gets the most power, or rather the best barrel to power ratio type thing out here. So once again, Dsman197256, I owe you for letting me use your barrel.

Step 5: The Main Bulk of the Gun.

Yes, the longest and most tedious part of this entire construction.

Step 6: Connections And

Fine tuning stage.
There were a few errands that need taking care of now that you have built it.

Step 7: Firing.

How load and fire.

I missed it out, but the grey rod as the ammo, should just stick out of the light grey connector in the barrel. I will put a picture up in a bit.

Step 8: Please Sir. It Isn't

working Properly. As you may have gathered, this is not my most in depth Instructable.

"The pump doesn't work propperly!"
"It doesn't fire. I've built it exactly how it says. What do I do?"
"I'm not getting the power you said I would."
"What do I do about those weird pieces?"
"You need to get a life."
"Knex sucks."

Any sensible remark, or question can be posed or stated on this page. I will do my best to help you in as much detail as I can. That's what I'm here for.



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    8 years ago on Step 3

    What is the brown/black peice


    9 years ago on Step 4

    in the second pic can we use hinges instead?


    sorry i just said that as a joke i am about to post a buckshot firing knex shot gun u should chek it out


    9 years ago on Step 4

    What do you do in the first picture i cant see what it is because of the angle you took it at