Knex Slide Action Gun




Introduction: Knex Slide Action Gun

Click here for the second half of instructions.



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    I built this years ago from someone else....0_o I had to break it up though lol. It's an AMAZING gun though :D

    I just really wanted to post a comment since I'm new, but I'm going to do a lot of modding on this and pump it up about 30 - 50 more feet if I'm capable.

    Seriously, the Colt Python was not invented for "Black Ops" it has been around for nearly 56 years, and should not be viewed as a figment of some game's weapon bank.

    That is what I was saying, the Colt Python was not invented for "Modern" First-Person Shooters.

    hmm... looks alot like the one on STOP TAKING OTHERS CREATIONS AND SAYING THEY ARE YOURS!

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    maybye he does knexguninstructions, you dont know do you he could even be friends with the guy and maybye he let him post it