Knexcluther's All Personel Carrier. (APC)

Introduction: Knexcluther's All Personel Carrier. (APC)

Hello knexers and instructables!
I am knexcluther and i have posted my first instructable.
This is a simple yet fun project to do.
If you expected this to be a gun sorry.
I havent posted any weapons 'YET.' (notice the big bold, but pretty letters in the word YET.)
Please enjoy this little vehicle for now.
Just look at my profile and check it out every once in a while for a gun.
P.S i can make some pretty darn good ones.

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Step 1: The Parts

First get these.
the pictures speak for themselves.

Step 2: The Body.

Assemble the chassis after you build the parts.

Step 3: The Wheels.

The wheels.
Assemble the tires as seen.
repeat the step on the other end of the rod.
do not do back wheels until motor is inserted.

Step 4: The Motor.

Insert the back wheel axel into the motor and attach the wheels like you did last time.
the attach the batterie box to the slanting seat.
once the motor is attached the axel will have some free movement in the left or right directions.
What i mean dont want your wheels moving back and forth.
Add any type of connector to keep it from doing this.
i just prefer the gray ones.

Step 5: Final Step.

put on the treads insert batteries and there you go!
youll need 18 of the tread pieces on each track.
Thanks for building!
If modified please give me some credit. :)

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    5 Discussions


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Could be better, could be worse. Average.

    APC doesn't mean all personnel carrier, but armoured personnel carrier


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Yes i know the Term. I only modified it to what i like. but i understand.