Knexfreek's Freeslinger Mods.





Introduction: Knexfreek's Freeslinger Mods.

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These are some mods i made to knexfreek's freeslinger, which make it more reliable.  I will not post, you should be able to build this on your own.  More pictures added daily, as this takes a while to upload them.

Edit:  I have uploaded all of the pictures i have, and i have taken it apart, so if you need more help, ask me.



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    swEEEEEEEEEET! nice man! I will remake the freeslinger (for the 3rd time) just for this....................
    5stars xD faboulous job.

    13 replies

    I wasn't studying, and my project was due in 3 days (we had been given three weeks.) so my parents took my knex away for three weeks.

    Wow, I thought my parents were hard on me. I always get straight A's, and usually procrastinate all of my projects to within 3 days to the night before. I just never tell my mom or dad, or else they nag on me all of the time about the project.

    I thought my parents where soft. I guess you we both didn't have much to compare to, apart from those kids in corny movies.

    What do you need a link for?  I am RC-1207SEV.  Click on my name, it has all of my ibles.  I just changed my name.

    Sorry, but i already took it apart.  I thought about it, but I didn't want to put a stock on.  Thinking back, I regret it.