Knexguy's Side-arm (lol)

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Well, it's a little big to be a side arm, but here goes anyway. I will be posting the gun with a decent camera, I just thought I would show you first. It is an accurately(ish) sized replica of a Desert Eagle, by Magnum Research. It has a slide, accurate sights, and a Periera-style magazine. The handle is not that accurately sculpted, but is very comfortable. I will also bring out a mod kit for it if it is popular.

1: The ruler is 12" long, or 30cm. The black rod is also there for reference, and the gun fires the tan (or red) rod.

2: This is the gun with the slide back, it works just like a real Desert Eagle.

3: A shot down into the magazine on the front.

4: A view through the sights.



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