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About: hi! some of my hobbies include: - building guns out of knex - playing combat arms - playing basketball - playing football - reading - playing tennis - hanging out with my friends - going with said friends to...

This is my Knex Sr-25. I like this model a lot because it is very close to the actual thing in terms of appearances, and it packs quite the punch. It shoots blue rods and can get distances of up to 150 feet. It has a magazine which is modeled after the one made by Ironman69. The rest of the gun is entirely my design. It comes complete with rails, a bipod, which I borrowed from brammeke11, a scope, which is modeled after the one used by nuttyguy, guiderail for the ram which is encased inside the stock of the gun so it is completely unseen, a comfortable handle, a trigger guard, and an almost entirely smooth finish. There are literally only 7 blue rods which stick out. The rest of the gun is entirely smooth. It is VERY sturdy, as it can maintain its shape from behind held by the tip of the barrel and the tip of the stock. It is accurate up to about 60 to 70 feet I find (I was able to snipe my knex target - INSTRUCTIONS SOON! - at that distance).

I will not post instructions for it yet. I would first like to see at minimum 20 requests before I consider it. Also, I am currently tweaking it for additional power and for better looks. If anyone has any questions regarding the weapon, be sure to leave a comment!

- Incredible range - 150 ft
- Accurate - up to 70 ft
- Amazing looks
- First Sr-25 out of knex
- VERY sturdy
- Trigger never jams

- Heavy on pieces
- Heavy gun
- Bipod is a bit weak (open to mods)
- Magazine jams occasionally (I'm currently replacing the one in the pictures with a better one)




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    Doc Penguin

    4 years ago

    very nice but u used alot of knex

    idk ill give a list:
    -VSS Vintorez (idk how its spelled)
    -DSR 50
    hope u try some :3