Introduction: Knextrampoline

Today I will be showing you how to make a knex ball trampoline.

Step 1: The Frame 1

Make two.

Step 2: The Pegs

In this step you will add the pegs and support beams.

Step 3: The Rubber Bands

For this step you will be adding the rubber bands.

Step 4: Done!!!!!!!

You are done with you're own knex ball trampoline. Stay tuned for more. I may make a ball machine called Project Catastrophic.



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    go to

    dude your not suposed to use your real name for your screen name
    BTW cool tramp

    Sorry to brake it to you, but that was sarcasm. As a future tip, don't post stuff that knex has already designed. Post original stuff you came up with. You will be alot more popular that way. But good job on your second ible anyway.

    3 replies

    Im not being mean, I am being helpful by giving constructive criticizm. I am sorry if I came off mean at first. No hard feeling meant.