Introduction: Knife

In this instuctable, instructions to making a knife will be made. This build is not very expensive if you have the power tools. It only needs a couple materials:


a clamp to hold the steel in place

angle grinder


power drill

saw blade

string(or rope)

blade polish

Step 1: Shaping the Blade

If you don't have a clamp, you can be irresponsible like how I was, and step on the blade while shaping it. Before doing this, you can draw the shape of the blade with a sharpie, or just shape the blade out without any outline.

Step 2: Creating the Knife Edge and Rounding the Edge

After shaping the blade, you will need to thin the knife edge and round the handle edge with a stone grinder. While thinning and sharpening the knife edge you need to put the blade at an angle, and do NOT hold it completely straight and vertical, because it will not sharpen the blade. After sharpening the knife edge, you will round the handle. To do that, you will hold the blade with two hands so the handle faces the stone grinder. You will then gently grind the handle in angles that would smoothen out the straight edge of the steel.

Step 3: Polishing

To polish the blade, an angle grinder will be needed. If you don't want your shoes getting messed up, use a clamp, I did not, and my shoes got scraped several times. When polishing the blade it will not be smooth. The blade will turn from gray to silver. While grinding the blade, when you get to the knife edge, grind at an angle.

Step 4: Buffing and Polishing

Buffing and polishing will need sandpaper, cotton, and blade cleaners. First, attach sandpaper to the end of a power drill. The sandpaper will smoothen out all the roughness from the blade. After, use the blade polish along the flat side, and the knife edge. Then attach the cotton to the power drill, and polish until satisfaction.

Step 5: Making the Handle

The last and easiest step of the instructable is to just tie rope or string very tightly with no gaps and overlap it near the end.

and btw #ferociousdoughnuts

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    you may want to invest in a forge?