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Introduction: Knife Box for Students

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Easy and cheap knife box for a student dorm. Keep them sharp and avoid damages to the blade.

Step 1: Equipment:

Use cheap dry pellet shaped food like chickpeas, sunflower seeds, spelt flakes, lentils, amaranth, quinoa or rice. Exotic food that is not common or endemic, doesn't look only stylish, but it prevents pest infestation. You also need a food container. Or use a cleaned juice box and cut the top off.

Step 2: Instructions:

Fill the container with the dry food. Do not use those tiny decor stones, they will ruin the blade. For a fancy version you could even fill the container completely with uncooked standing spaghetti, to make it look like a knife block with bristle fiber rods.

Step 3:

Always clean the blades before you stick them into the rice or beans to avoid mold. A small container can even be used for pens at your desk.



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    Since beans do not cook properly if they are too old, these outdated beans will work quite well.

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    Some people think different, I do that a lot

    Nice and simple. Thank you!