Knife Grinding Jig

About: Retired Boat builder,CNC programmer,Process Engineer

Intro: Knife Grinding Jig

I made the jig to achieve consistent grinds on both sides of the knife without having to reposition the blade, the jig has a definite location point

Step 1: Cutting Flat Bar to Size

I used 12 x 6 mm bar cut to 64mm and drilled 3 holes at 5mm and tapped the middle hole through both bars and then tapped the holes on the ends on on piece only.

I enlarged the holes on the other bar so that the bolts would go through one bar and thread into the other

Step 2: Cutting Slot in Angle

I cut a slot in the middle of a piece of 50x50x5mm aluminium angle corresponding to the size of the bar knife holder and drilled and tapped a M8 hole for the angle grind adjustment.

second photo of the knife blank fitted in the slot

Step 3: Cutting Knob Tread Down to Size

need enough thread so it clamps knife to angle Jig without touching the knife



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