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Introduction: Knife Handle

Got an old knife blade without a handle (this one came from a leatherman), here is a way to make a cheap, simple, wooden knife handle that can be made to fit your hand. Aswell as a blade guard.

Step 1: WHat You Will or May Need:

*A length of balsa wood, preferably long and thick enough for your hand and knife blade.
*Any Knife Blade
*Super Glue/Hot glue/etc.
*metal brackets (to help support the blade) to add strength. Mine are from my broken leatherman
*Knife (quicker modeling)
*Sand paper (not to course, not to fine)
*Paint/Vanish (not needed, adds looks and quality)

Step 2: Support Brackets and Blade

Wedge the brackets into the wood (I put one ontop of the other) facing eacthother, with blade room inbetween.
[----] <-- Like this (to stop the blade moving forwards/backwards

Also, wedge the blade inbetween, the further the better.

Go crazy with the super glue. (I used cheap quality super glue from little tubes (like toothpaste tubes).
Squeeze it all around the peices that are stuck into the wood, this makes the wood go hard and keeps the things in place.

Step 3: Modelling

Draw a guide on the side of the wood and start to cut the excess away with the saw (keep the excess if it is .

Then start modelling it with a knife (be carefull) and starting of your preffered shape.

Next Go over it with sandpaper to smooth it out. Wrapping the paper around a short dowell rod or sanding block helps.

Step 4: Adding the Finishing Touches

I marked and sanded some finger grooves for extra compfort and looks.

A blade cover can be made from the excess wood by shaping it and pressing the blade into it (not all at once, push and wiggle as to make the hole bigger for the blade to have a firm, but giving grip).

Then it can be shaped, painted and/or vanished to suit your preferences.
I made mine into a crocodile and painted it, but kept most of the nice wood look.

Step 5: Enjoy

This is a simple and easy project tht can be done within an hour. Try out different designs to suit your kneeds. A folding knife could be made by using a nut & bolt to hold the blade in place.


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