Knife Making With Wood and Brass Handle

In this instructable we're tackling the task of making a knife, or more appropriately a knife handle. Even though a lot of the hardware can be bought ready made in this indstructable we're making all parts of the knife, except for the knife blade, from scratch using stock wood and metal material.

For this instructable you'll need:


Knife blade
Wood, in this case we're using walnut as the main wood and briar as an accent wood
Mineral oil

Epoxy glue, slow curing is to be preferred


Belt and drum sander (or files/sandpaper)
Drill press, and a milling machine can be useful, though not required

Buffing compound and a Dremel buffing wheel

Hope you enjoy the video, and keep updated by subscribing. There will be another instructable in about a week on how to make the knife gluing clamp as featured in the video.

Thanks for viewing!



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    9 Discussions


    2 years ago

    What a sweeeeeet knife. I've done a few with just wood...but the brass really adds to the knife. Thanks for posting! Well done.

    I've had it some time, so I can't quite remember. It's a very generic knife blade though, so you should be able to find ones similar at most places which carry knife making material.

    Nacho Drew

    4 years ago

    Great work Switch and Lever, this is the most in-depth tutorial I've even seen on this style of knife. Although I'm uncertain where you did your work, because I think I may have seen another person in one of the shots.

    1 reply

    The work is done where the videos for most my instructables have been shot, in the workshop of Umeå Institute of Design in Sweden, so it's natural that sometimes there will be other people in the shots.