Knife, My Gift for My Friend




Introduction: Knife, My Gift for My Friend

I have friend, who lives in USA. He is a happy father of two boys, twins. This will be a gift of baptism.

Step 1: Stuff

In my workshop I have a lot of old, damaged wheel bearins. This is good stuff for knifemaking. I cut bearing and used my stove for straighten.

Step 2: Shapes

I drew shapes on paper, glued onto balsa linden plywood, using PVA glue, cut it, I made stencil. Using grinder i cut a knife shapes. Edge I made using abrasive mop disc. Time to polishing the edge, I use water and sandpaper, 220,400, 600,800, 1000, 1500 and 2000 and finally green polishing compound. Look good.

Step 3: Handle

I made handle from two oak boards. Shape i made using narrow strip of sandpaper no 80, 120, 180, next glued to blade with epoxy resin, and mounted two brass pins. Time to decorate.

Step 4: Engraving

I make text and printed onto laser printer. Transfer text on egde with heatless termotransfer, similar like PCB. Correct using oi paint, make "tank" from school plasticine, then make salt solution. Put solution to "tank". At now we need power supply, I use old ATX power supply. Connect positive wire to edge and negative to stell rod. Put rod to solution and slowly move above edge.

Step 5: Finishing

I made guard from brass flat bar and glued to knife with epoxy resin. Handle I panited satin varnish and voila.

Sorry for my poor English.




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    14 Discussions

    Great Looking knife.

    My pleasure.....
    If you need any assistance please send me a message if i can help. Best regards from Greece


    2 years ago

    leave ur english bro but the work u have done i am really impressed and inspired.......SALUTE

    great instructable, great knife!

    awesome result!


    2 years ago

    Very good build! Awesome!

    your english is fine. excellent tutorial and a beautiful knife.

    Thank You , I think that this is the first of many Instructables.

    Regards, Piotr