Knife Target

Introduction: Knife Target

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I am not responsible for any lost or valuable knives and/or ax's you may have lost.

Hello gals and guys

I'll be showing you how to make a target for your thrown weapons, my way the bush craft way!

Step 1: The Items That You'll Need

  • A pretty decent sized sweet gum or any good sturdy log!
  • I couldn't find any rope/chain so I used some hay string instead.
  • A disposable bag and gloves.
  • Along with a hammer and staple nails.

Step 2: Pokeweed

DO NOT EAT! POISONOUS In case of poisoning

You'll need to gather a good bit in a disposable bag; but be sure that you wear gloves while doing so otherwise you'll be stained for a month!

Step 3: Applying the Berry

Set the bag down gently next to your slab.

Get a hand full of berries and spread them in two rings on the log.



Get a flat piece of disposable wood (Plywood) and squish the berries on the outskirts.

For the center just use your hand and press each of them down with enough weight to get them all. (Or just get a mallet and tap them slightly.)

Step 4: Soaking It All In

Allow 15 minutes in the sun to soak it all in and partly dry.

Step 5: Knock It Off

I just took my broken ax handle from my previous project

to tap the lose berries off of the log.

Step 6: Clean and Dry

Now you'll need you're gloves again. (Or a piece of old insulation foam)

Wipe off the excess berries with your hand and allow to set and dry for 15 more minutes.

Step 7: Wrapping It Up Now

Take your string and tie two knots on both ends of it. Grab a staple and slowly hammer it in till it gets a grip and slide the string under it.

Continue hammering!

Do the same thing for the other side and you're good!

Step 8: Setting It Up

I was just getting a tree spike and hammering it into a pine next to my house for the hook here.

That took me around 10 minutes to get it and hammer it.

Step 9: Try It Out!



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    Also I was wondering if you could link my instructable since it's not wanting to show up on the recent page. (Posted 2 hours ago)

    That is interesting, maybe it hasn't been moderated yet.

    The views are from the people that get notified and from some of the staff.

    If it doesn't appear on the homepage after 10 hours contact "Danger is my middle name" and she should be able to help you, if not her contact "jessyratfink".

    Hope it gets posted soon :)

    I had help finding it with MsSweetSatisfaction. It managed to insert itself onto page 8 instead of page 3 which is when I submited it.

    I had that happen with my smoothie, the moderator thought I had used a stock photo and didn't allow it to be published.

    When it was accepted it was a looooooooong way down the list.

    I did spend like 15 minutes making the mini "studio" and getting the perfect shot, maybe I should contact OAK and see if they want to use it ;)

    Waiting for my dad to bring home some steal so I can start forging.

    Everyone in my family has wanted to blacksmith and I get to do it :D

    Looks like fun! I also think the staining with berries was a very clever idea. Well done!

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    I need to make more of these and have them set up in a circular pattern around me so I can practice style.