Knight Rider Using Arduino

Introduction: Knight Rider Using Arduino

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This is Arduino based knight rider Led project.

It's very easy to may follow step by step our video and make it yourself.Programming code link is given in description box you can download this code from the link.circuit diagram is also provided in the description

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Step 1: Knight Rider Led Project

Follow step by step this video and do it yourself

All the programming code and circuit diagram is provided in the description box so please visit this video and download codes and circuit diagram from given link

For more information email us-

Step 2: Connect LEDs With Arduino

  1. connect arduino with your pc/laptop
  2. Now upload the program using IDE software
  3. Connect five LEDs in series and provide them apositive supply from 2 to 7th pin of arduino.
  4. provide them ground from arduino
  5. upload the code and check the output

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