Knight's Gauntlet #HMS2018

If you wanna make a decent looking glove for around 40$, this is ideal for you, but don’t do this project if you would like a cooler more expensive gauntlet. Btw it might cost you more if you don’t have the items that I didn’t price.
-Leather glove 10$ (ignore my glove, I used it because I had no choice)
-Super Glue 0.99$ (I got it at 99 cents)
-Galvanized steel sheets (Home Depot)
-Some wooden thing (shown)
-Measuring tape
-White color pencil
-Mallet 5$(extremely important[i got one at 99 cents])
-Working gloves
-tin snipper 15$
-Patience for the overuse of the term “phalanx”

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Step 1: Marking

I measured each phalanx on the glove and marked it so I know the size of my metal platings.

Step 2: Making the Templates

So I drew some templates that have the dimensions of my measurements. I drew a shape to make it look “not boring”. Don’t forget to cut them out.

Step 3: Making the Plates and Shaping Them

Make sure your templates are perfect because your plates are gonna be the shape of them. So just cut the galvanized steel sheet accordingly to the template with your tin snipper. When your done cutting them out, use that wooden thingy (I’m unsure of what it is) and your mallet to shape it.

Step 4: Attaching the Plates

BE VERY CAREFUL, because obviously superglue is hard to remove. So just attach the plates to the designated phalanxes with the super glue (btw I added an extra piece for each finger to make it look a bit cooler). Plus, follow the way I applied the glue! So when you’re done, just repeat for the other fingers.

Step 5: Adding the Mid and Lower Dorsal Armor

Make a piece of armor that can cover most of your hand from the dorsal view.

Step 6: Spray Painting

When you’re done with everything, paint the whole glove with silver spray paint, and let it dry.

Step 7: DONE

Don’t use the glove in a fight or for defense because it will ruin it and it’ll hurt you, but it’s pretty cool to wear.

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