Knit Apple Hat

A cute knit hat for colder months especially for days nearing Halloween.

You need:

4 colors of yarn. around 70g of the one you will use for the hat.

round knitting needles number 7

yarn needle

Step 1: Make the Hat Itself.

Pick the color you want your apple to be and then start knitting. You need approx. 70g of acrylic yarn in the color you picked. Acrylic holds form better so it is the ideal material for this project. You need round knitting needles number 7. And you need a yarn needle.

Adult size hat will start with approx. 60 loops with your knitting needles. Do not knit a round hat. We need the seam to sew in the worm later. Knit the elastic band 3/4" in width. Then add 4 loops on both sides to the length. to make a round shape. Start knitting a smooth surface (that is RIGHT SIDE, WRONG SIDE, RIGHT SIDE) then make a reverse shaped row after every 3rd row. And keep repeating the pattern until you have 6" in width not counting the elastic band. Now make one row in which you decreasing the number of loops by using 2 loops to make one. Now go back to the pattern and make one more RS,WS,RS, reverse, RS, WS, RS.

Now measure at least 24" yarn tail from where you finished and cut off the excess. Now put the tail through the yarn needle and thread through all the loops. Make sure leave a hoop. See the 4th picture. Now tighten the last row but leave enough space so that there is a hole the size of your pinky. Tie the two ends.

Step 2: Now Make the Small Parts.

See the first picture for approximate sizes. you need green for the leaf. you can use the same color as the hat. I used a darker green. Pick a color for your worm. Make the stem brown, dark grey, black, or dark green.

To make a leaf:

Start with one loop and every row add one loop on each side until you have 3" in width and then start decreasing the amount of loops in each row until you are left with 1. Tie it off. You have your leaf.

To make a stem:

Make a square 2"x 2". Sew 2 parallel sides together to make a straw. There is your stem.

To make a worm:

start making a rectagle 1" in width and get to 3" in length then start adding 1 loop on each side until your width reaches 2". Now take away 1 loop on each side until you are left with 1 loop. Tie it off. Now sew it together along the length. Flatten out the head. make 2 eyes. You can use beads here for better effect. I just used yarn.

Step 3: Now Put Them Together.

Use the leftover length to make a seam. Sew in the worm around midway through.

The tie together one end of the stem and the leaf. Sew in that end into the pinky sized hole you left at the top.

Attach the worm's head to the front of your hat.

Straighten out the leaf using iron for a prettier looking leaf.

There is your awesome apple hat :)

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    3 years ago

    Great project, voted for it!


    3 years ago

    That's a great looking hat! Awesome job!