Knit Wristlets


Introduction: Knit Wristlets

Super easy wristlets made with less than one skein of yarn!

Step 1: Materials

•Yarn (size 6)
•Knitting needles (I used size 10s)
•Yarn needle

Step 2: Starting

Start by tying a slip knot then cast on 15 sts.

Step 3: Knitting

Knit in the garter stitch until you've done 24 rows.

Step 4: Finishing It Up!

Once you've done 24 rows bind off, then weave in the ends with your yarn needle. Then sew the sides together but, leave a hole near the top open for your thumb. Now make another!

Step 5: You're Done!

Now wear you're wristlets wherever!



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    3 Discussions

    Thanks jessyratfink! I love your instructables!

    great idea for a first project for beginners... made myself one.. in grey color!