Knit With Love! a History of Passion!


Introduction: Knit With Love! a History of Passion!

About: Beads and bobbles make me smile. I knit for fun, spin for relaxation, and dye for a little color. I like creating a little work of art that I can show the world. Something with zing and personality.

I love to knit. I love to knit for those I love. Knitting is something I feel has been passed down in my family. My Gram taught my Mother and She taught me.

While many people I love appreciate what I knit and the time it takes. My Mother and Sisters of the needles understand how much time and energy goes into a piece of knitwork. Every stitch is built and connected to the next.

Its a special language that bonds a huge group of people. Please enjoy the works I have made.




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    Those colorways blow my mind! And anyone who can knit with lace weight has my eternal respect! Your friends are very lucky to receive such amazing gifts.

    Wow, your colors are fantastic. The shawls are gorgeous! And did you make the quilt as well? It's beautiful.

    Beautiful work. I have not tried my hand at dying yarn but it does look fun and your end results are truly a work of art uniquely your own

    Your phenomenal hues in your heirloom shawls are just breath taking. Thank you for sharing our work! happyjean

    I love the shawls. Did you knit from a pattern, or is it your own creation? Your hand spun yarns are beautiful.

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    Thank you! Yes it is from a pattern. The Lace Leaf pattern from Fiber trends is the green striped one. And the pink one is an online group pattern from Mystery Shawl 1.