Knitted Clowns

Introduction: Knitted Clowns

Born in England many years ago, moved to California in 1980, moved to New York in 1993, became a ...

These knitted clowns are made with oddments of Lion Brand Yarns and Red Heart, and stuffed with non toxic fibrefill . I always use 3mm needles to knit toys, or follow directions in the various patterns. These clowns will delight any child. This pair was made for twin boys. The clowns are named Beauregard du Laine and Buttons Woolford! The pattern comes from my favourite Jean Greenhowe pattern book called Traditional Favourites. I have lost count of the number I have knitted, but they always come out just like the picture in the pattern book! I even kept one for myself!



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    Hi I av Gardener clown n white hands dirty & painter clown the same & his overalls are gruby 2 but painter has ladder need to know how to clean. Does any1 know please?

    Love your clowns. We have a clown unit attached to our charity association and they would love these.

    I love your clowns. The one thing that will never die is the love for stuffed toys. And especially if they are handmade. Beautiful. Whenever I create a toy I feel like I am creating a little being because kids give them personalities and different levels of importance.

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    I feel the same, and have a hard time "giving them away". I usually make the toy and keep it for a while, until I realise who the new owner should be! That's why I always take photos of all my toys, so I can remember them!

    Very cute! They look very nice! I usually like clowns without the hair, but the 3rd picture is something I would like, with a bobble hat, great job!