Knitted Dog Toy




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This simple dog toy will be easy to make and this toy is adjustable for larger and smaller dogs :)

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Step 1: Gather Your Materials

You will need the following:
1-2 different colors or yarns or more (I used The Red Heart brand yarn)
Scissors (How else will you cut the yarn?"
2 Knitting Needles (Wood needles are preferred)
30+ minutes (It depends on how fast you can knit and the size of the project)

Step 2: Start the First Row

If you don't know how to knit I would first suggest learning how as this guide will not teach you how to knit
Start your first row of loops. The size of your dog will determine the number of loops needed for a correct sizing. These are the dog sizes and recommended number of loops:
Small Dogs - 20 loops
Medium Dogs - 35 loops
Large Dogs - 50 loops
I have a medium sized dog so I will be doing 35 loops
After this continue building onto your knit until it reaches the desired width

Step 3: Finishing the Knit

End your knit and it should look something like the picture, make sure to cut the yarn ends.

Step 4: Making the Ring

Using the same color yarn tie the two ends together to form a ring

Step 5: Add a Rope

Finally add a rope for you to hold onto then let your dog try it out make sure to adjust the rope to your preferred length



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    Oll Alex llO

    4 years ago

    Also should I make a how to knit instrutable?

    Oll Alex llO

    4 years ago

    Any Questions If So I Can Help :)