Knitted Penguin

Introduction: Knitted Penguin

This is a penguin that I knitted for my son. When I found this pattern online, I thought it would make a great gift.

The instructions for this pattern can be found at Although it has a gauge, I didn't worry much about it. I added a tail by knitting 2 rows of 10, then decreasing 1 stitch on each side for 2 rows of 8, then 2 rows of 6, then 2 rows of 4.



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    Cute penguin! Do you have any recommendations of websites or books for a beginner to learn the basics of stitch names and crochet lingo? I crocheted a scarf about 18 months ago (lol) and I am now really interested in amigurumi, especially penguins. I have looked online a lot about this, but I just thought maybe a real person who has done this might have a better recommendation than some website vendor!

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    Sorry, I realize this is a knitted penguin, not a crocheted one. My mom & sister crochet, and they have said that most people do either one or the other, not both. Since I have only crocheted one item, I am not of "an allegiance" to either method of yarn art, but I am willing to try either to make amigurumi!! I do have some supplies for both, given to me by friends. So, to amend my earlier question, do you have any recommendations for learning the stitches & lingo of either method?

    I found an excellent resource, I checked it out from the public library, there is one for Knitting, and one for Crochet.  You can pause, rewind, replay a section over and over till you get it.   I am a visual learner, so for me.... This was the way to go.

    Crochet Made Easy CD-Rom -
    Knitting Made Easy CD-Rom -

    both from Coats and Clark   ( I later found them at a hobby store for around 10 bucks, and just bought them.  But... They are great.  I knit and Crochet, but not at the same time.

    There is a book that I find very helpful for knitting techniques and guidance. It is the Vogue Knitting Quick Reference. This is a soft cover book. There is a more extensive hard cover version but I have found this to be more than sufficient and portable.

    I here by name this in the name of awesomeness! I can crochet really well, but i can't knit things like this for the life of me! Still awesome!

    The extra period at the end of the link is throwing it off. Sorry about that. I am glad that you were able to find the instructions on the Knitty web site. The link in your comment (without the period) works well. Thanks.

    How cute! I love penguins, they're my favorite animals! You did an excellent job! +1 rating. (added to favorites)