Knitted Pie Brooch

Introduction: Knitted Pie Brooch

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Clearly expressing a love for pie is hard... Sometimes you just can't be eating pie. The solution is simple... Wear pie!

Again... Sticky pie does tend to get a bit whiffy at the end of a hard day. So why not wear a knitted pie?

This pie is super cute, has no calories, and looks delicious. I present the Knitted Lemon Meringue Pie Brooch.

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Step 1: You Will Need:

Scraps of White, Yellow and Red double knit (8ply) yarn.
3 x 4mm double pointed needles
1 pinback or safety pin
Darning needle to attach pin

This pie is knitted on 3 needles and is seamless. It is a quick knit, but the technique may take a bit of practise.

K - knit
Psso - pass slip stitch over
S - slip stitch
K2 tog - knit 2 together

Step 2: Knitting the Pie Base

Cast on 10 in yellow.

Knit front and back of each stitch, placing each alternate stitch on different needles.

Knit 1 rotation
Knit 1 front and back, knit 8, knit 1 front and back. Repeat on second needle
Knit 1 rotation
Knit 1 front and back, knit 10, knit 1 front and back. Repeat on second needle
Knit 1 rotation

You should now have 14 stitches on each needle.

Step 3: Knitting the Meringue Top

Change to icing colour - knit one rotation.

Knit 1, knit 1 front, yarn over needle, knit same stitch in the back. Turn. Purl 3. Turn, slip 1, k2 tog, psso. Repeat over the first needle forming the icing bit.
Knit second needle

Knit 2 rotations

K2 tog, knit to last 2 stitches, k2 tog. Repeat on second needle.
Repeat this row until 2 stitches remain on each needle.

Step 4: Finishing Off

Change to red
K2 tog in front , yarn over, k in back. Repeat on back needle 2 stitches (you will now have 3 red stitches on each needle)
Knit one rotation
Slip 1, k2 tog, psso, repeat on second needle.
Pass one stitch over the other. Cut yarn. Thread through last stitch, pull to tighten. Darn in the tail.

Attach a pin to the back so you can wear your pie proudly.

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