Knitted Skull and Bones Hat for Toddler

Introduction: Knitted Skull and Bones Hat for Toddler

It's a great pattern for someone who is just learning how to knit using the Fair Isle Style, and perfect for tots who's parents like alternative fashion. :)

Step 1: Pattern, Materials and Notes

This pattern is adapted from Patricia Lillie Knits.

When carrying your colours over be sure to carry them loosely so your hat does not bunch. If you hold these loops too tightly your hat will end up being much tighter on the inside.

If you would like to increase the size of this pattern, the skull is worked in repetitions of 17 stitches. The star pattern will have to be modified dependant on your final amount of stitches.

Step 2: Cast on and Knit Colour Charts

Be careful not to twist your stitches when you join in the round.

Work the band in 1 x 1 band and then the Skull pattern. There will be 6 repetitions of the Skull pattern.

Work 3 knit rows of your contrasting colour and then work the Star pattern. There will be 17 repetitions of the Star pattern.

Note that your work should measure 4-4.5 inches before you start the next step. If your work does not measure this length continue knitting rounds to achieve the desired length.

After the last pattern is worked, I followed a colour pattern of 6 rows in the Main Colour and 3 rows of the Contrasting Colour.

Step 3: Start Your Decreases

I forgot to take a picture of this this step during the process but you can see the decreases in one of the photos.

Step 4: Weave in Your Ends and Finishing Touches

Thread the tail through your final stitches and pull tight. Weave in all ends.

I added a pompom on the top but it could be left plain, or you could knit an I cord with the remaining stitches and add a tassel on the end.

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    3 Discussions


    6 years ago on Introduction

    i'm not a toddler,
    but I want this hat!

    How you you increase for an adult?


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    There are a few ways you can do this:

    A) increase the size of your needles and weight of your yarn (something less fine) and keep the same amount of stitches. This was knitted using size 3 US needles, but I have knitted hats for myself on size 4/5 needles while casting on 100 stitches; or

    B) increase the number of stitches in multiples of 17 to maintain the skull pattern and keep the needle size. If you choose this method I would suggest adding 2 more repetitions. The star pattern would have to be adjusted according to your final number of stitches if you use this method. I used a piece of graph paper to plan out mine.

    Sorry for such a long delay.

    Good Luck!