Knitted Snowdog!

Normally I would have put this as a step by step but I used a knitting pattern from Womens Own magazine and wasn't sure about if I could share it or not, and also it took me so much longer than I thought that I just didnt get enough pictures of the steps! I originally wanted to enter this into the holiday gifts contest but since I am now giving it as a valentines gift instead I shall pop it in that and if you feel so inclined then I would greatly appreciate a vote!

This cute fluffy dog is completely hand knitted, and based on the character from the recent Christmas remake of the Snowman, called Snowman and the Snowdog! I'm sure all the British among us will know what I mean but for anyone else then I would highly recommend a watch if you have kids, they will love it!

Thanks for looking, and for those of you that have snow and are making snowmen outside, spare a thought for him and keep him company with a snowdog!




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    5 years ago

    :o i need a copy of this pattern do you know where i would find one?


    6 years ago on Introduction

    It was in Woman's Weekly, not Woman's Own. Kitewife has a copy (her "to do" list is nearly as long as mine!).

    1 reply

    I stand corrected, it was Woman's Weekly indeed! I hope Kite wife gets on well, I'm sure she'll be quicker than me, I'm only an average knitter! Good luck.