Knitted Rose Hair Pins *easy*




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Make yourself some cute and easy rose hair pins using leftovers!

~ This is a pattern from my blog, ~

Hope you like it!

Step 1: Material and Techniques:

Stuff you need:
- Yarn leftovers (I used sock yarn)
- matching needles
- darning needle
- Barette findings or bobby pins
- probably some hot glue (beware! Those sh** ist really HOT!!!)

Skills you need:
- Cast on (I used the longtail CO)
- kfb = knit front and back
- working flat
- ssk: slip, slip, knit
- cast off
- a tiny amount of sewing

Step 2: Knitting the Rose Itself

 Lets knit the flower with yarn #1:

- CO 5 sts.

1. row: *kfb* ~ 10 sts total
2. row: *p*
 3. row: kfb ~ 20 sts
4. row: *p*
5. row: *kfb* ~ 40 sts
6. row: Cast off purlwise

Pull the cast off thread under, roll the rose in shape and sew to fix the shape. The cast-on thread end is needed for sewing later!

Step 3: Knitting the Leaf

Yarn #2 is used for the leaf:

- CO 5 sts again.

1. row: k, kfb, kfb, k2. ~ 7 sts
2. row: *p*
3. row: k2, kfb, kfb, k3 ~ 9 sts
4. row: *p*
5. row: ssk, k to last 2 sts, k2tog Repeat row 4 and 5 to a total of 3 sts.
6. row: p2tog, k last st ~ 2 sts
7. row: k2tog.

Step 4: Assembling & Finishing

Sew in the threads, arrange rose on leaf and sew the rose onto the leaf.

Sew or glue the finished flower on your finding.

I "weaved" the bobby pins through the little purl loops.

Hope you enjoy knitting and wearing!



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