Knitting Lessons: Binding (Casting) Off

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Intro: Knitting Lessons: Binding (Casting) Off

Binding Off: When your done knitting you bind, or cast, off so your yarn doesn't unravel when you remove it from your needle. To bind off on a purl row, use the same instructions but with purl stitches instead.

  1. Knit two stitches like you normally would
  2. Take your left needle and pass it through the bottom stitch on your right needle.
  3. Bring the bottom stitch up over the top stitch and off the right needle.
  4. Remove left needle from stitch, now you only have one stitch on your right needle.
  5. Knit one stitch like you normally would, now you have two stitches on your right needle.
  6. Continue from step 2 until all stitches are casted off.

I suggest using wooden needles when learning how to knit.

For more knitting tutorials visit my page: Carleyy.



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    9 months ago

    Thank you - very well written, easy to follow instructions! I did it!