Knitting Machine Cable

Introduction: Knitting Machine Cable

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Cable (treccia in italiano) is a quite simple stitch to do by machine or hand.

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Step 1:

Start as usual your work. When you want to star the cable, with the punch transfer one stitch per side so that one stitch remains unworked. Remember to pushthe needles all the way back.

Step 2:

I usally to a cable 6 stitches wide and 6 or 8 rows long.

With the 3 pointed punch pick up the first 3 stitch and keep it apart.

Step 3:

With the other 3 pointed punch pick up the other3 stitches.

Step 4:

Now you have 6 stitches on two punches: cross them. Pay attention not todrop the sticthes here. At first this will be a bit difficult and tricky, and maybe a little hard.

Step 5:

Put the 2nd triplet on the 1st 3 needles, and the 1st triplet on the 2nd 3 needles.

Then goon with you work. On the first row the machine will be a bit resistant, but this is normal.

Work 6/8 rows and reapet the crossing.

Pay attention:

1) to work the extact number of rows from a crossing to the other;

2) to cross always to the same part: for example left to right 1st and the right to the left.

If you like you can do a "snake like" cable doing one time left to right first and one time right to left first.

Step 6:

You can work one or more cables in the middle, in a side, alone, wherever you want.

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