Knives and More!

Introduction: Knives and More!

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This Instructable is about knives. How to make, choose, and build a knife of your own. Please favorite and read it, I need everything I can get from fans like you. So thanks!

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Step 1: What Knife to Choose?

When choosing your knife, you consider what you will be using it for. A machete for heavily foliaged areas or jungle. A Swiss Army knife for small tasks around the house. Another thing to keep in mind, if you want to get your son a his first knife, don't give him a sword or machete of a knife. Whatever be your task make sure to pick the right knife for the right job.

Step 2: Serrations or Fine Edge?

The next question is whether you want your knife serrated or fine edge. Serrations are the little sections taken out of the blade. The remainder of the section is sharpened to increase leverage of the blade and the blade can cut more with the same force applied. Fine edge is where the blade has no serrations and has a smooth razor sharp edge all along the blade.
In the newer survival knives, the blade is half serrated and half fine edged. So the knife is suitable for mixed jobs.

Step 3: Full Tang or Not?

The term full tang talks about if the blade of the knife extends into the handle and out the butt of the knife. It adds structural stability to the blade. If you really hack wood and other materials your blade will not break off if it is full tang. So, if you want to keep buying knives, i would suggest getting a full tang knife.

Step 4: Brand Names of Knives

Smith and Wesson
Spyderco and many many more!
I personally recommend all of these great brands that will get you through any situation!

Step 5: Thankyou!

Thanks for reading my Instructable and I hope I gave you some insight on some valuable knowledge. Choose what knife suits your survival situation or task!
Thanks Again-

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    3 years ago

    Buck knives are also very good knives


    benchmade is a pretty good brand ,too, they're mostly famous for their balisongs but all of their knives are good


    5 years ago

    Guys make sure to vote and favorites Instructable if you liked it. I am coming out with one on how to make a cobra bracelet and a few other weaves too.


    5 years ago

    Have u tried spyderco's economical line "Byrd" knives they're just like they're main line just lower prices