Knot-Me Tie Skirt Tutorial




Introduction: Knot-Me Tie Skirt Tutorial

Originally posted on Simply Modern Mom. A refashioned/repurposed skirt made from an adult size knit shirt. Visit Simply Modern Mom for more photo tutorials.

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Step 1: 1

Cut the shirt. Use the bottom of the shirt for the bottom of the skirt to save you hemming time. The best way to figure out the size is to grab a skirt of your child’s and measure the waist and length. I provided my measurements for a 12-month size and you can use that to figure out your measurements if that helps.
Waist circumference: 19 inchesLength: 9 inches

Step 2:

Cut your various pieces. The skirt bottom piece should be cut from the bottom of the shirt and kept as is. Don’t cut the sides. Keep this all one piece. The top piece includes the elastic casing. All measurements includes 1/4 inch seam allowance. These were my measurements…
Skirt bottom piece: 34 x 5 1/2 inchesSkirt top pieces: 9 x 4 inches (cut 2 pieces)
Tie pieces: 4 x 11 1/2 inch and 4 x 7 1/2 inch (cut one of each size)Elastic: 16 inches

Step 3:

Take the 2 tie pieces (they are different sizes) fold in half lengthwise and iron it wrong side out. Then sew one short side and the open long side. Cut the corners at an angle so it will iron flat when you flip right side out. Flip the ties right sides out then iron flat.

Step 4:

Pin the ties to the top pieces. Allow room for the elastic casing. I pinned the top of the ties at 1 3/4 inches down from the top of the piece. Place the second top piece on top of it and sew the two edges. Since I don’t have a serger, I zig-zagged over the seam to keep it all in place.

Step 5:

With the bottom of the skirt right side out, do a basting stitch at 1/4 inch from the top. Then gather the skirt to fit the bottom of the skirt top piece. 

Step 6:

With the skirt top piece right side out, match the bottom edge of the skirt top piece to the gathered edge of the skirt bottom piece. The skirt top piece is on the inside of the skirt bottom piece. Pin it in place. Then sew it in place with a straight line with a 3/5 inch seam. Then zig zag stitch over the seam.

Step 7:

Iron the 3/4 inch seam for the elastic casing into the inside of the skirt. Sew it all the way around, but leave a slight opening to put the elastic in the casing. Pull elastic through the casing. Then sew the ends of the elastic together. Pull the elastic back into the casing then sew the hole close.

Step 8:

Tie a knot by doing a square knot or in my case I think I did right over left then right over left again. You’ll have to play with it to get it just right. Then Sew the knot to the skirt through the inside of the skirt so it doesn’t get weighed down and droop. And you’re done.

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