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My 4 year is suddenly motivated to tie knots. He is trying to tie knots on everything. So I made this contraption from things around the house. Took me around 3 minutes to make this.

Parts required:

Egg carton (any cardboard box will do)

Brightly colored shoe lace (any thick rope will do)

something to poke holes

Sticking agent ( I used cellophane tape)

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Step 1: Make and Done

Take the egg carton and poke 2 holes in it.

Tie a knot in the middle of the shoe lace.

Pass the shoe lace through the 2 holes in the carton.

Close the carton and seal it with a cellophane tape.

You are done.

Give it to your kid and help him/her to tie the perfect knot.

You won't require much time and he will take over fast.

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