Knotless Netting on Gourd Part 3 of 3

Introduction: Knotless Netting on Gourd Part 3 of 3

In this last part, I will show you how to continue netting around the gap and will talk about what to put in the gap to add interest to the gourd.



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    my dad was a commercial fisherman so i know how to make net i mean alot really fast i should post the knot

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    End of video 3 says you are going to show finished pot, never did see it...Do you have pictures somewhere else, or add in comments/reply?

    Thanks, blinkypoet, I'll have to look into those techniques. I am planning to follow up with the rest of the gourd. Not sure when.

    This looks like a Scandinavian technique called naal binding or Viking knit:) This one is probably the most well known of the naalbinding stitches- I'm still trying to teach myself more of them. try stringing beads on the loops- it can look really neat! Nice video series- Am wondering when an Instructible is due?:)