Knotless Ridge Line System




Introduction: Knotless Ridge Line System

This was made after watching various YouTube videos it is cheap and affordable and so far has worked well

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Step 1: Preferred Method

This it the best way of tying it that I have found it uses one length of cord and works well I know I said that this wa a knotted system but it does need knotts to secure it but they make sure the rope doesn't tangle or lose tension please give feedback and I will try and improve this system the two rings represent trees however I plan on making two and then it will be easier to hang the tarp

Step 2: Optional Method

This is the first method of tying it is uses 2 pieces of paracord and I have not tested and so will not recommend it

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    6 years ago

    I used some scrap metal about 4 mm thick
    It's used for a ridge line or setting up a tarp in the wood when camping