Knotted Bracelet




  If this is your first time making a bracelet, this is the best kind to start of with.  It's as easy as just knotting, no difficult steps, just knotting.
The design may look difficult but it is a very easy craft for kid's!   

Step 1: Here's What You'll Need:

  This project requires:
-2 different colored embroidery threads
-Metal clip 

Step 2: The Knot

  Cut 3 strands of thread 24" long in one color and 3 strands of thread 24" long in another color.  Line up your 6 strands and tie a knot about 1/2 inch from the end of the treads. This kind of bracelet is meant to be permanently tied to your wrist or ankle, but I wanted to be able to take it off, so I made a extra big knot so I could take my metal clip and clip it over the knot so it wouldn't slip off. (My knot kind of failed so when you make yours try making a loop so the hook can attach because making loop means doubling the string and I ran out)

Step 3: Securing the Bracelet

  Tape the knot to a flat surface and separate your threads by color so that the colors are divided into two groups.

Step 4: The First Knot

  Take the first group (in my case yellow) and place it over than under the pink group, causing a "6" looking formation, then pull the ends of the pink and yellow threads to form a knot.

Step 5: Repeat

  Wrap the ends of the first group underneath the second group and pull tight to make sure the knot is tied and secure.
NOTE: If you don't tie the knot's tight enough, you can cause it to ruin the pattern and cause hole's.

Step 6: Finishing Touches

  Continue making knots of this fashion until it fits your wrist. For the final touch at the end of your bracelet double knot the clip to the end of the bracelet, then cut of any extra string.

Step 7: The Final Product

  And this is what the final product should look like!!! I hope you enjoyed learning how to make this, and get up and try it your self!!! If you like this design you will definitely like the knotted diagonal bracelet i will be posting shortly! :D
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