Knotted Friendship Bracelet



Introduction: Knotted Friendship Bracelet

Step 1: Cut String

Grab three or four (or more) colors of embroidery floss.
The more colors you choose, the thicker your bracelet will be.

For each color, cut a length of string about 2 to 3 arm lengths long.

Step 2: Tie Loop

Gather all of your strings together.

Find the middle of the strings and fold in half.

Step 3: Tie a Loop

Tie a knot to make a loop.

Make sure your loop is big enough for your strings to go back through later.
This is the loop you'll send your strings back through to tie it onto your wrist when you're finished.

Step 4: Secure It

Slip the loop onto a safety pin. here  have used a pin badge as i could not find my safety pins
Fasten the safety pin to a stable surface.

Tip: To take your project outside or on the road, pin it to your pants/ trousers.

Step 5: Tie Lots of Knots

Gather all but one of your strings together in one hand.
Keep one string off to the side.

Step 6:

 1. Create a loop with your string off to the left side
 2. Pull your string end through the loop.
 3.Pull your string tight.
 4. Holding all of the other strings taught, pull the single string upward until your knot reaches the top.
 5. Repeat steps 1 to 4 over and over again just changing colours each time
for this bracelet I made 5 knots at a time in each color.

Step 7: Tie the Last Knot

Check the length as you go to decide how long you want your bracelet to be.

When you're finished, you can either add a beed and then tie a knot at the end (using all of the strings) or you could just tie a knot.
Leave a few inches of string at the end and cut off the excess.

Step 8: Tie It On

To tie, pull the excess string through the loop and tie a knot. 
Enjoy your bracelet 

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