Know Your Pests

The first step to pest control is knowing your pests, we can not walk around killing everything that moves. Moreover these pests have their fair share in the environment so killing is not always an option.

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Step 1: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

Even though bugs can be irritating there are some good ones, And some bad (in our view point ), and there is the ugly one (for somebody else they are beautiful )

Step 2: Mosquito

These are the most common pests you could imagine. They make this annoying noise and bite like hell. The bite area may turn to swelling while it bites it's saliva may get mixed with our blood. As a vector of diseases they are extremely deadly. Mosquitoes carry malaria, yellow fever, west Nile virus, Chikungunya, Dengue fever, Filariasis, zika and many more. Mosquitoes are a major disease carrier the for undeveloped countries (also for developed ones).

There are many mosquito traps and ways to avoid mosquito bites but most traps include electrocution which gives odors, Ultrasonic mosquito repellent not an option for people with pets( Especially dogs) and there are the repellent creams. The best method is to stop them from reproducing mosquitoes lay eggs on fresh and calm water and the larva grows in water. The water bodies are usually old cans, rooftop drainage, pots etc once we clean these places there is no more mosquitoes (Technically everyone have to get rid of them)

Step 3: Cockroach

Cockroaches are not the deadliest or the scariest of them but they can infect homes in large numbers an also scares the hell out of the kids . They can even live days with there head cut off, Yup these are badass pests. They can survive a nuclear blast. They live in shade during day and come out in dark it is actually hard to find them during day time, They reproduce by laying eggs in cases.

There are many ways to kill cockroaches, sprays are available in market but make sure you do not spray on any food that may end up in our stomach. Which is harmful for cockroaches is also harmful for us also.Some traps are also there. Best way is to stop them from spreading clean your place once every month at least the kitchen. Arrange stuff properly so that cockroaches do not find shelter under them.

Step 4: Rats

Rats like to live where food is available easily and places they can hide in. Some grow to the size of an average cat. Since rats have very short gestation period (1 month) they grow in number very fast.

Using poison bites is the easiest method you just leave these where rats are usually seen. But for people with small kids and other pets it may be a little difficult because kids and pets may eat these baits, for such people mechanical traps without claws are preferred

Step 5: Plan Your Household

The ultimate pest control method is to avoid getting them in your house. You can do i by planing ahead of them, right from the beginning.

Build your house around these plans.

Put up mesh screens for doors and windows.

Avoid leaving holes and crevices in walls.

Avoid using chemicals, which is harmful to pests are also harmful to humans.

sprinkle hair where rats are seen, the hair blocks rats nose and kills it when inhaled.

Insulate walls very good.

Plant plants which repel pest here is a list of few

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