Knowing What Drug Abuse Is All About

Introduction: Knowing What Drug Abuse Is All About

Drug abuse is a very common term that you hear nowadays. This is because it is one problem in our society that everyone has to be mindful of. But do you really know what this term means? Read along so you will know.

You may find it hard to draw the line between drug abuse and just casual drinking or drug use. When you have intense desire to acquire, take or even increase the dosage of a certain drug then you may be a candidate for drug abuse. When you say drugs, this does not only refer to marijuana and other addictive substances that we know of but this also includes cigarette and alcohol. However, drug abuse is different from drug addiction. It is still on the process of getting there. But you must not let this happen. You have to act now to stop drug abuse. Seek for alcohol rehab if necessary. The Bridge Drug and Alcohol Rehab New York offers exceptional service when it comes to this matter. Visit their site at .

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