Ko-dison(The Sleep Apnea Monitor)

Introduction: Ko-dison(The Sleep Apnea Monitor)

Obstructive sleep apnea affect with frequency in sleep, terrible snoring and daytime sleepiness become the cause of somnipathy.

Also, caused by hypoxia in sleep by obstructive sleep apnea can develop a heart, Lung and blood vessel system complication, can lead to dead.

Up to now,30 ~ 40 percent of adults be generally known obstructive sleep apnea symptom.

It is also fail check and judgment by disparate environment in clinical laboratory essential or condition inspection on the day obstructive sleep apnea for the judge.

This sleep pattern of obstructive sleep apnea (obstructive sleep apnea number, snoring, toss and turn number) analysis, measure frequency of obstructive sleep apnea, can provide data severity of symptoms for judging.

This equipment can not say test of the day polysomnography result is bad, may measure at a familiar sleep environment the continuous measure data in by judgment in many days, is able to measure at your bedroom.

It helps to escape patient be awakened in apnea by buzzor, in such case obstructive sleep apnea is prolonged additional freatures excessively.

Step 1: Parts

Parts for these products is very simple.

a) Intel® Edison Kit for Arduino

b) Airflow (breathing) sensor(K-type thermocouple sensor)

c) Buzzer

d) Sound Sensor

That's all!!!

We make a breathing sensor using k-type thermocouple sensor.

The temperature of the inhalation and exhalation are different from each other.

Therefore, it can be seen that breathe by measuring the temperature.

Step 2: Assembly

Very easy to assemble

1. The breathing sensor is connected to A5 pin(Analog pin).

2. The sound sensor is connected to A4 pin(Analog pin).

3. The buzzer is connected to disital 7 pin.

And power on the Edison board.

Step 3: Measurement

The breathing sensor is attached under the nostril and start the measurement of sleep apnea symptoms.

Step 4: Action Movie

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    10 months ago on Step 4

    can u give the circuit diagram


    1 year ago

    Totally Noob at arduino and trying to do an apnea monitor for dogs under anesthesia. Would love to see the code