Kodak Duaflex Digital Hybrid Camera

Introduction: Kodak Duaflex Digital Hybrid Camera

Here's a fun way to go photo retro. The Duaflex (various models) was made by Kodak from (about) 1948 to 1960. Using 620 roll film, you could take 12 square photos . The best part is that it has a bright, focus free waist level view finder ... you look down to shoot your subject ... in mirror image. Duaflex's can be found on eBay in great condition for less than $20.

Anyway, here's an instructable to pair a Duaflex with a small point and shoot digital camera (digicam) so that you can use the Duaflex as a cool waist level finder for the digicam. This process is non destructive to either camera ... you can separate them later by removing two small bolts.

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Step 1: Mending Plate

Both the Duaflex and (almost all) digicam's have standard tripod sockets, accepting a 1/4"-20 (1/2" length) threaded bolt. All you need is a 4" mending plate (available at all hardware stores). Use a hacksaw to trim the mending plate by lopping off one of the holes, so only 3 holes remain. Cut the plate so that one of end holes (of the remaining three hole plate ) has is about 1/4" or 3/8" from the end.

Step 2: Connect the Two Cameras

Use two 1/4"-20 bolts (1/2" long) to connect the two cameras together at their tripod sockets. You should be OK with the Duaflex tripod socket ... it will accept the bolt through the mending plate and allow you to tighten it just fine. For the digicam, the tripod socket may be too shallow for you to tighten it fully so that the mending plate is tight against the base of the digicam (that is, even a 1/2" long bolt is too long). Use a 1/4-20 nut as a spacer to get a tight fit. Refer to these photos to observe how to connect the mending plate to the two cameras.

Step 3: Shoot !

Now, you're ready to shoot and enjoy. Wear the Duaflex around your neck (just like your grandfather did in the 1950's) . When you're ready to take photos, just turn the digicam on, look through the waist level finder on the Duaflex, and press the shutter on the digicam. Forget the digicam's LCD display ... just use the Duaflex. For best results, set the digicam in "Program Mode" and (if available) "spot focus". Most of your photos will be great !

In most cases, you'll be able to access the digicam's battery (for charging or replacement) and SD card (to upload files to your PC for editing, sharing, posting, and/or printing) without disconnecting the two cameras.

Then, to get the look and feel of how the Duaflex once took snaps, edit your digital images as square crops, and put a white boarder around them (easy to do with Picasa). And, with today's filters in editing packages such as Picasa, you can go black and white or desaturate the color to make the photos look like faded film shots taken in 1958 ...

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