Kodak Easyshare CX7300 Camera Modified to Replace Broken Battery Door.

Introduction: Kodak Easyshare CX7300 Camera Modified to Replace Broken Battery Door.

This camera is common, and so is this problem of a broken or damaged battery door that fails to latch and hold the 2 AA batteries. 

I expect people to find this Instructable by searching for parts for their camera CX7300 Kodak Easyshare. 

This is an easy way to a major gain in battery capacity and run time, so you can use the view screen as much as you want and make multiple short videos whenever you feel like it. 

The 2 AA batteries make a nominal 3 volts, but when the batteries are drained, they offer less than that, especially when "processing" a lot of photos in rapid sequence. This can make the camera shut down unexpectedly. 

With 4 AA, you can use up  half-dead batteries and still get better performance, or run new/freshly charged batteries for ultimate all-day performance! 

You can find these cameras, especially well used or with broken battery doors, for $12 on Ebay, Craigslist, and maybe Amazon. I've seen a lot on Ebay for $5-20. 

This mod is simple. Buy the camera, and a 4AA battery enclosure from Radioshack for $2. 

RadioShack® Enclosed 4 “AA” Battery Holder
Model: 270-409  | Catalog #: 270-409

Mark and drill small holes for the battery compartment wires (in line with the path of the original AA location so you can manage to get a soldering iron down there and hopefully not melt everything together.  Use solder sparingly. The plated contacts can't take a lot of heat, and will rapidly absorb/cling to the tinned wires. They won't be stressed during use anyway. Make neat connections for good conductivity. 

Add trimmed pieces of double sided adhesive tape (CB radio tape, I call it) to the ground down face of the camera, and install the battery compartment in a similar orientation, being sure not to block the viewfinder or lens! Optional: Velcro tape! Then if you have a working battery door, you can resume normal operation, and it won't be terribly ugly. If you use double sided tape, don't skimp, use something powerful. 

Tuck the 2 wires behind the box, and use electrical tape carefully to make a dust guard around the bat. com. You may tape or hot-glue the original battery door if it's intact. If it is missing, put a piece of Gorilla Tape or duct tape over the hole, to prevent dirt or debris from shorting the contacts. You could also stuff some Saran Wrap in there. 

Make sure the battery compartment slider switch is ON. It's ok to tape over it. Make sure you can remove and replace the battery hatch, and don't lose the screw! Mine stays closed without it but I'll put it back in for security. 

Enjoy! Now you can take hundreds of pictures before having to change batteries (on 4 new quality AA, with your extension memory cards). This helps a lot when downloading via USB cable, or playing back short videos for multiple people. 

Good luck and may you capture thought provoking photos. 

PS, you can lay the camera down on the battery case without worry of damaging the lens, and you can still use some tripods with this modification. 



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    If you buy the 2 battery holder with no cover, you can simply double tape it to the bottom of the camera, if you don't use the Docking Station mount at all. You can pop out the batteries with a fingernail and change them instantly, so it still weighs about the same as the original camera. You may need to add longer wires to the battery holder if you do that.


    10 months ago

    I'm thinking along the same lines, but I might use a tripod mount screw as they have the piece to rotate it by hand and a retention clip so you don't lose it.

    Easy fix that you can use Kodak charger also.

    Took a 1/16 drill and made hole in left bottom corner of cover Then screwed in very small screw that holds cover all the way down letting you put camera on Kodak charger also and use tripod if needed.

    Nice idea.
    When mine broke, I went to a hardware store and found a largish fender washer and a small bolt the right size. Fastened the fender washer across the broken battery door by installing the bolt into the hole for the tripod mount.
    As you noted, though, this allows you to use the tripod mount.

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    Yours is a clever fix too. I use these cameras frequently and outdoors, so I really don't want to pay much for them. They are going for $10-20 on ebay etc, so to me that's ok because they operate well once the battery door issue is solved.