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Introduction: Kodak Taser for Under $1

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Using only a disposable flash camera, a button, a soldering iron (and solder of course), and a tad of hot glue we make a TASER.
And what you ask makes this kodak taser different from all the other tasers on instructables?
Well my friend, I shall tell you.
THIS taser has an extra button so that you don't have to remove the battery because I noticed that a current manages to leak through and if you touch the contacts...well...BZZT!
Why did I make this instructable? Well.....I was at the movies with my friends, and I reached into my backpack to get my smuggled soda (Can you blame me? $5.00 for a soda? SERIOUSLY?) and I managed to complete the circuit for my taser, and as I stated above.....BZZT!

Step 1: What You're Gonna Need

As I stated before, you could easily build this entire thing for under $1, less if you already have the parts...which is like...wire and a button....but I shall still state the materials/tools required to complete this awesome-possum Instructable.

Materials Needed:
A button - Can be easily de-soldered from a computer.
Wires - Do I REALLY need to tell you where to get wire? Fine fine fine....You know the computer that you took the button from? Yeah...I will guarantee you that you can get enough wire out of that thing, and if you follow this Instructable and don't get enough wire out of that computer. I will send you (FOR FREE) enough wire to complete this Instructable.
Solder - Home Depot, Radio shack, etc.
2 Thumbtacks - They have to be the metal ones, as in solid metal, and if you don't know why they have to be solid metal....click the back button repeatedly until you are no longer on my Instructable.

Tools Needed:
Soldering Iron - To peel you're orange.
Hot Glue Gun - To break into NASA.
Lighter - I suppose matches would work......but it would take a REALLY long time and a TON of matches...but by all means, use matches if you feel compelled to do so.
Wire strippers - To disarm the nuclear warhead....(There's a lot of these total "duh" things in this, isn't there?)
An Orange - To peel with your soldering iron...If you actually do this I will send you 3 paperclips of your color choice (Photographic evidence is required).

Step 2: DESTROY!

Well...it's not so much "DESTROYING" as it is disassembling...
Ok, around your camera there should be a bunch of tabs, now carefully use the flat head screwdriver that I forgot to mention in the tools to pry the tabs up JUST ENOUGH so that you can slip the case out from underneath them.

Step 3: Choose, But Choose Wisely...

Carefully select your button.....
(By select I mean pick a frackin button that will still fit in the case when you put it in.)

Step 4: Installation of Ze Button

Now we get to "Install" your button. (The button that you took great care in choosing in the previous step....RIIIGHT?!?!?!?)
Okay, this is when your Orange-peeling-soldering-iron-that-looks-nothing-like-mine-because-mine-is-a-piece-of-$#!T comes in.
As well as the solder....

Okay, first we have to remove this pretty little silver rod on the back. Yours might not have a rod, basically we have to prevent the battery from charging the capacitor without our consent. So stalk your battery's path to the capacitor and find a good place to sever the connection and insert your button that you took great care in choosing as the button that won't get you zapped when your in the theater watching What Happens In Vegas and drinking smuggled soda with your girfriend and your two other friends.

Okay, you found where you're going to insert your button? Yes? Good.

Now, first make sure that you know which contacts allow a current to flow through your button, use a voltage tester or an LED or sumfin....

Now...the obvious...SOLDER THE BUTTON!!!


Ok, now you have to de-solder the flash bulb and replace it with two wires (strip them first) ...I would recommend making them TOO long...its easier to cut them down than it is to add more wire. I would also recommend hot-gluing these in place for added durability, just don't use so much that you won't be able to get the case back on.

After you do that you have to use the lighter and a pair of pliers to heat up the end (the sharp one) of the METAL thumbtack so that you can melt a hole through the case in the camera. Don't be a moron and put them somewhere where they'll keep the case from closing, or shock you when you're charging it. Once you have them through bend them up and solder the flash bulb wires to them.
You may also want to add some MORE hot glue here....

Then drill a hole for your button, there was already a hole conveniently placed on mine. =)

Then glue it.


Now just arrange the wires so that they all fit and don't make any connections that you may not want!
Then put the front back on.

To charge it you have to hold both the normal charging button AND the additional button that you just added.

Then touch it to something that conducts electricity...like your hand...(IM KIDDING!!!!!)

And now that you have already constructed this device I shall add my disclaimer....

Don't be a moron...or at least don't blame me...
This Instructable is for educational purposes only, blah blah blah, I'm not responsible if you do anything stupid with this, blah blah blah, HAVE FUN! (but not TOO much fun)



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    30 Discussions

    Awsome Ible
    I kept laughing though, which made things worse when i got my carefully chosen button and it fell through the miniscule gap in my table.Then i realized it would be better if i just read through the instructions first, THEN do it.
    Then my Ninja orange jumped out and sliced my finger open and used his smoke bomb on me.
    Then i realized i didn't have disposable camera so i was fck'd anyway.

    Really liked your instructable.
    Even though i am 3 years late to the party...

    fukn sweet lol i made 1 with a better capacitor i get from j car and connected terminals to a coil and made a coilgun that shoots a nail thru a can

    1 reply

    I speak for boys when i say this but wouldn't that suck if you dropped this, electrical terminals facing down into your lap before the safety switch was on (owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww in places)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5 replies

    yeah uh bro/sis (which ever1) ive been there done that...doesnt do anything...clothing insulats...but my friend was wearing shorts and i shocked her _

    capacitor discharge causes a tingling feeling for some time....she mite hv actually likd it lol....j/k

    lmao who knows..all i know is she hit me 0_o

    i know a guy who tested the real taser (when they first built it ) on himself and it had no effect because his job was working with neon light sockets.

    Nice instructable....I know what it feels like to get tased. not fun. I think the gun version is worse though...two 2'in needles going into you then tased double whammy! lol.

    5 replies

    Yeah.....I have no desire to get tased....at all... And I dont doubt that the gun is worse...maybe if you wired a few of these in parallel...

    don't go giving ppl Ideas now. I wonder if you grow your electric immunity if a taser would become useless.

    i think you can grow a very good resistance though i have a teacher in college and he has got shock by his experiments so many time he said he hardly feel anything now when current runs through him.

    ...I'm...I'm not sure if that's a good thing, it can still injure him, he just can't feel it.