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Hey guys in this instructables I will be showing how to make a kokedama or japanese moss ball. It is a ball of soil covered with moss on which some plants are grown.The Kokedama is having a minimum life period of one year. After it is made, it can be watered by spraying water on the moss. The kokedama will exhibit its real beauty after one week from making it. the moss will begin to grow and it becomes more attractive and pleasing.




Thread (preferably green colour)

A plant

Water sprayer

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Step 1: Make a Soil Ball

A soil ball is to be made by pressing and hardening a handful of soil. It is recommended to use a glove while mixing the soil. the soil should be wet for better results.

Step 2: Collect Moss

Mosses can be found on floors and unused bricks they should be detached carefully. Try to get somewhat big pieces of moos to make the kokedama with uniform texture.

Step 3: Choose a Plant

A good and healthy plant of your choice can bee used. Red coloured plants will look so vibrant in the green colour of moss.

Step 4: Preparation of Soil Ball

Make a depression on the surface of the soil ball or make it into two pieces for placing the plant in it.

Step 5: Place the Plant in the Soil Ball

Step 6: Once Again Form the Soil Into a Perfect Ball Shape

Step 7: Place the Moss Pieces on the Ball and Press for Better Bonding

Step 8: Reinforce the Moss Pieces on the Surface of Soil Ball Using a Thread

Step 9: It's Done!

Now your traditional kokedama baby is ready and will start to catch your eyes just after a week. You can water it using a water sprayer

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    7 Discussions

    vishnu p kumar

    7 weeks ago

    So nice always wanted to make something like this


    7 weeks ago

    Years ago my daughter made one at a gardening class that she used to go to. Hers was for a type of plant that hung as it grew and with the thread that it was use, you were able to hang it. It was just lovely! I always wanted to know how it was made, but she was too young to explain to me. Now I know! Thank you so much. I will make my own now.

    1 reply

    8 weeks ago

    This is so cool. Thank you for sharing.


    2 months ago

    I reaally wanted to see something like this


    2 months ago

    It's really awesome.


    2 months ago

    That's a great walkthrough! Always been curious how to make these :)