Introduction: Kokonut

Step 1: Head

Today I'm going to draw my dog kokonut and my best friend sky productions already drew him but this is my version of him so check out both drawings but forts I'm drawing the head

Step 2: Ears

Now do somewhat of a triangle and on on the side

Step 3: Nose

Now draw 2 small circles

Step 4: Eyes

Just draw and color 2 circles black

Step 5: Body

Draw 4 legs and a tail

Step 6: Now Detail

Draw little hairs and his eyebrows

Step 7: Color

Color Kokonut in brown and your done sorry if its not the best I had the hiccups

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    6 years ago

    My koko is just like what's going on


    6 years ago

    My cartoon Koko and yours can be friends!!!