Kombocha Instuctions Infused in Cognitive Therapy:)

These instructions are brewing instructions infused in cognitive therapy healing. These instructions demonstrate methodogy and mindset to be able to consitantly brew Kombucha, and receive the super healthful bennifits from this pleasant beverage. These instructions assume you have a SCOBY. These instructions assume you already know the benefits of Kombucha. These instructions assume you have the ingredients and containers to make the amount you want. If it's so easy to do why aren't we? Here are some instructions to do so.

Step 1: Write in Your Calendar When Your Going to Do It.

Schedule in your day timer when you will do it? It will take about 15mins to boil water and put the tea in. Having trouble getting motivated? Breath and name your feelings. Take a small moment and witness your feelings. Love your feelings what ever they are. Smile because you have already written down when you'll be making your Kombucha.

Step 2: Take Some Time to Love Yourself. Your Worth It!

When the time comes up on your calendar get your tea, sugar and SCOBY ready. Boil water the water add the tea and sugar.
Let the tea and sugar mixture cool. Breath take some time to invigorate your heart with gratitude.

Pour the tea mixture into the jar with the SCOBY. Write the due date about two weeks into your calendar. Use a cloth for a lid and place in a dark cool place for two weeks.

Step 3: Wait Two Weeks and Enjoy

Then in two weeks test. The brew is ready when it losses it's syrupy sweetness and tastes bubbly and sweet tart. Kombucha is a very forgiving brew. So it's not necessary to be exact measurements. But it's possible to create great satisfaction by recording your measurements. Using the data you collect to reproduce a flavour you really enjoy and experiment with new Flavours. Make a habit of using your mind to think about good things in your life as you make your brew.

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    3 years ago

    I have been brewing kombucha for over a month now so I am still new at this but I did do a lot of reading up first. I bought my first scoby in a kit that came with a big bag of tea and a piece of scoby for one gallon at my local natural grocers store. Most recipes call for one cup of sugar per gallon of tea, so this is what I use and it has been coming out great. Also, I started my first gallon by heating it on a yogurt maker which kept the kombucha at 80-85 degrees and the first batch took only 9-10 days. I used a large piece of black construction paper to create a cylinder to block any light like you recommended. Each subsequent batch only took about 7 days since the scoby grew bigger and provided more active yeast for the fermenting process. On the third batch, I split up the scoby so I could brew two gallons at once and on the third batch, I took the scoby from both gallon jars and threw them into a 6 gallon big mouth glass fermenting jar, ordered a warming belt and temperature controller and it took off like a rocket. I am now on my second 6 gallon batch and I have a beautiful light cream colored scoby growing that I can always cut off some to give to friends if they decide to brew their own.

    Also, I use the double ferment method to add flavor and more fizz to the already wonderful and healthful mixture. To do this, all you have to do add a little fruit to the jars you are going to cap and seal, and let them sit at room temperature for a few more days. I always test mine after two days by slowly unscrewing the lid and seeing if it starts to fizz, if it does, I put it in the refrigerator to freeze the fermentation process, if it doesn't, I leave it out until it does which usually doesn't take more than another day or two.


    3 years ago

    Very interesting...did you draw the pictures yourself?

    1 reply