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Introduction: Kombucha Card Holder

About: Pedro Zohrer is a professor and researcher in the field of new materials and sustainable manufacturing processes.

This Instructables is based on my first experience in the cultivation and use of vegan leather for the manufacture of alternative objects for leather of animal origin.
My first experience was with the creation of a Wallet, and be seen in this Instructables: https://www.instructables.com/id/Kombucha-Wallet/.

To save time, I recommend that you look first and pay attention to the growing part of bacterial cellulose in Step 1 and drying process, Step 2 of my first Instructables.

Step 1: Surface Cuts

If you did my first Instructable you should have noticed that the container proposed for growing the bacterial pulp was bigger than we needed, and that we had a leftover material that could be used in this new job.

The first thing to be defined here is the size of our card holder, and for this you should choose between credit cards or business cards as well as the capacity it should have.

In the following example I chose credit cards, the capacity of the card holder being 8 units.

I used 8 credit cards to make a packet, wrapping them with electrical tape.

1- With the pack, I used it to determine the size and cut to be made.

2- I made in such a way that the opening in and out of the cards stayed in the direction of their greater length.

3- To facilitate the withdrawal of the cards, I cut a half moon on one side.

4- The closing sides would be exactly the measure of the thickness of the pack, so that there would be an overlap to be glued. I made 4 small cuts to create a tongue that will joint the bottom with the sides.

Step 2: Finishing With the Collage of Some Folds

To paste this material is very simple and environmentally friendly.

Wet the pieces to be glued and press against each other for a few minutes and that's it.

To help maintain the right shape while gluing, you can anchor with some blocks of wood until it is dry.
A hint to smooth out the edges, steps or burrs is to moisten in these locations and smooth with your fingers or some smooth object until it is in the desired shape.

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    Question 1 year ago

    How does the water glue it in place? I know that bacterial cellulose is different from plant cellulose and the kobucha's cellulose fibers are much thinner than those of plant cellulose, but you can't just glue normal paper with water. Is it the characteristics of the cellulose it self or is it another substance dissolved in kombucha's bacterial cellulose? Is the glucuronic acid acting as a kind of gum?