Komo Chanel Bag



Introduction: Komo Chanel Bag

I used and combined the instructables of the Garbage bag Messenger bag and the Plastic bag fabric to create my own bag.
It's made of Garbages bags that are fused on fabric en is inspired by the 'large shopping bag' from Chanel.

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Step 1: Supplies and Tools

For this bag you'll need:

plain fabric (I used cotton, but you can't see this fabric when the bag is finnished)
fabric for lining the inside
garbage bags
4 gold colored rings
4 gold colored S-hooks
4 gold colored chains

wax paper
sewing machine
piercing tool

Step 2: Step 1

Choose what kind of bag you want to make en draw the pattern on the plain fabric.
I chose the Chanel bag.
I don't know the actual sizes, but my bag is:
42cm x 30cm (front and back)
42cm x 15cm (bottom)
30cm x 15cm (sides)

Step 3: Step 2

Cut the pieces of fabric and fuse the garbage bags on the fabric.
Use the technique from plastic bag fabric, only put the fabric under the bag.

Step 4: Step 3

For the front and back:
Take the fabric whit the plastic fused on it and put it on top of two layers of fiberfill (same size as fabric) and put another piece of plain fabric under it (also same size).
Use your sewing machine to stitch the three layers together.
Stitch around the printing and then make the 'quilting' around it.

For the bottom an sides:
There is no printing there so it's the same, only without the stitching.

Step 5: Step 5

Put all pieces together to form the outer bag.
Trim the edges.

Step 6: Step 6

This step is optional, but I made two pockets inside the bag.
Figure out how large you want your pockets to be.
I used some leftover lining and leftover fused fabric to make the pockets.

Sew them in your lining before you stitch it together!!

Step 7: Step 7

Use the same pattern for the lining as you did for the outside of the bag.
Cut the pieces and stitch together.

Step 8: Step 8

Use your pins to attach the lining inside your bag.
Fold the outside of your bag inside over the lining.
Stitch around.

Step 9: Step 9

Use the piercing tool and hammer to punch four holes.
Put the rings in the holes (use the tool that comes with the rings)

Step 10: Step 10

Put the S-hooks through the rings and attach the chains.

Use a bit of leftover fabric and sew the handles.

Braid the handles through the chains.

and your bag is..

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