Komodo King--The Awesomest Loopin' Lizard in History (coming Soon)

About: I am currently a Jazz Studies major at NIU. I am a working pianist, and on my spare time I build ball machines out of K'Nex (when I'm not on campus).

This is a slideshow of Komodo King, a ball machine in the works as of now, but almost finished. If you guys want me to make an actual Instructable for this when it's done, just let me know by posting a comment for it.

Height: 6 feet.
Length: approx. 4 feet
Current number of pieces: ~3000-4000

Update: Komodo King is now finished, and I will have pics and a video of the completed thing soon.

Lastly, I must point out that if I do make an Instructable for this, it probably won't be ready until late June, depending on when I can finish it.



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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Neat turn-out so far! I'll be looking for updates :D