Kong Cam

I lost the stand for my webcam so rather than buy a new one I though I'd house it in something a bit more exciting. And theres not many things more exciting than the KONG!

Step 1: The Bits.

(Official) Kong Plush toy (about 6 quid), webcam, CD spindle case, glue, thread & needles, stanley knife. Open up the seam along Kong's back with the stanley knife and remove the bulk of the stuffing in his torso.

Step 2: Lens Holder

I needed a bit of plastic to hold the camera lens in place inside the kong so the tip of a cd spindle case did the trick.

Step 3: More Senseless Violence

Cut a hole in Kong's chest to hold the lens holder. Avoid making eye contact with him for this bit. It only makes it harder. Fit the webcam in place inside Kong (use cable ties to hold it in place if necessary), replace some of the stuffing and stitch him back together. I put a small slit in his side to feed in the USB cable. Probably best to make sure this is connected properly before sewing him up for good.

Step 4: Complete With Posable Limbs and Awesome Gripping Action!

You can use Kongs posable limbs and gripping hands and feet to stand him on your desk or have him hanging from your monitor/laptop screen.



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    2 Discussions


    9 years ago on Introduction

    haha i like it. i might have to try something like that sometime


    12 years ago

    It's a very good idea but the problem is that the kong is very expensive but we can use another toy