Kool-Aid Mocktail- From a Mix!

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Enjoy this Kool-Aid mocktail.  It is made from two flavors made into a mix, and eventually a mocktail.  Pick whichever flavors you would like, this instructable shows grape and strawberry.  

Step 1: Pick Your Flavors, and Materials

Pick any two flavors of powdered drink mix.  As well as two drink packets, you will need a heaping cup of sugar, a plastic bag, lemon juice, and ice.

Step 2: Make the Mix

Add the two packets of powdered drink mix to a plastic bag.  Add one heaping cup sugar.  Mix up the bag until you cannot see any streaks of color in the sugar.  

Step 3: Make a Mocktail- Glass

Obtain a cocktail glass and place two ice cubes in it.  Add one teaspoon lemon juice.  

Step 4: Make a Mocktail- Drink

Measure out three heaping teaspoons of mix and add to the glass.  Fill with one cup water.  

Step 5: Stir and Enjoy!

 Stir in the powder, and enjoy your mocktail.  Thankfully there is still mix left. :)



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    9 years ago on Introduction

    We already did this in one of my classes! Except we made the koolaid before mixing it together. And we didn't have lemon juice.