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A Kit Kat Chocolatory opened up in Toronto for 3 weeks this month...except I don't live in Toronto anymore. Of course, I excitedly checked in with my cousin back home to see if she was going to endure the queues. And she said, "You were the first person I thought of when they announced the shop! But then I thought, 'She'll probably make her own anyway'." She has a good point!

So I set off on a mission to make my very own copycat Kit Kat molds, pawsitively intent on a kitty kat theme. Coincidentally, there's a Casting Contest here on Instructables, so I figured to take pictures of my every step to enter into the contest.

My cousin did check out the Kit Kat Chocolatory during its limited run. She couldn't even make it inside. The line-up was that long. And apparently, the Chocolatory ran out of supplies so they ended up closing the shop an entire week earlier than scheduled. That's okay though, because I told her next time I visit Toronto, I'll be bringing her my very own!

And now, you can make your own, too. As many copies as you want!

Step 1: Kit Kat Making Supplies

I picked up a box of Amazing Mold Putty at my big box crafts store (that would be Michaels) for $12.50 after 50% off coupon. One box makes exactly 3 Kit Kat molds. For $4 and change, you can get a mold that you can customize, that can't be beat!

Is it as amazing as marketed? Yes. It's as easy as playing with Play Doh with a reasonable 3 minute working time, super fast 30 minute cure time, and miraculously results in a product that is a flexible rubber mold. Most importantly, it is one of few available on the craft store shelves that's intended for food use and FDA approved.

So you'll need that putty and the following:

-Kit Kat bar

-10 pt to 12 pt heavy stock for the custom designs (it has to be thick enough to create an embossed effect on the chocolate bar)

-Pencil, scissors, ruler, glue stick

-Sharp/precise craft knife (I use a #12 surgical blade)

-Cutting mat

-Foam board

-Hot glue gun

-Small rolling pin

Step 2: Raise the Bar

Literally. Instead of having an engraving on the bar, we are raising ours with an embossed custom design. I drew up my own nom nom nom kitty, full bar kitty, and a meow (that E...that's supposed to be whiskers, in case it's impossible to figure out!).

1. Design your images on 10 pt to 12 pt heavy stock (the thicker the better so it embosses prominently). Make sure they are small enough to fit a Kit Kat finger, which is teeny 1 cm wide. Carefully cut with a super sharp knife.

2. Cut strips of the heavy stock to the exact measurement of a Kit Kat finger. That would be 87 mm x 10 mm.

3. Glue each design on each strip of stock.

4. Using a glue stick, glue each strip of stock directly onto the surface of the Kit Kat fingers. Don't be tempted to melt the surface of the chocolate to stick on the stock , because going one second too long on a heated pan and the chocolate oozes down the sides after the stock is pressed on. I tried it.

5. Place the Kit Kat in the freezer for 10 minutes before molding.

Your Kopykat Kit Kat hard copies are ready for molding!

Step 3: Make a Kopykat Kit Kat Mold

1. Cut foam board in the following sizes: one of 4-1/2" x 3-1/8" (bottom); two of 5/8" x 4-1/2" (long sides); two of 5/8" x 3-1/8" (short sides)

2. Using a hot glue gun, glue the side pieces onto the bottom piece to make an open box.

3. I used double-sided tape to secure my FROZEN Kit Kat to the bottom of the box, though I'm not sure how much it helped.

4. Take ONE THIRD (1/3) of each color of the Amazing Mold Putty. Don't combine until you're ready.

5. Working as fast as possible under 3 minutes, mix the 2 colors of putty until well combined, then COMPRESS in the gaps of the Kit Kat fingers as well as the sides. Make sure to compress well so there are no gaps in the mold. Once the mold is filled, roll the putty until flat.

6. Let the putty cure for 20 minutes, then remove the sides of the box.

7. Let the putty cure for anther 20 minutes for good measure, then remove the bottom of the box.

8. Remove the Kit Kat.

9. If the stock is left behind, carefully lift off with a thin plastic object like a dull plastic knife.

Your Kopykat Kit Kat mold is ready for casting chocolate!

Step 4: Casting Custom Kit Kats

1. Prep your wafers by cutting to size and thickness. I found some brands of wafers are the exact thickness of a Kit Kat wafer and others needed one layer removed.

2. Melt and temper your chocolate.

3. Pour chocolate into the molds.

4. Quickly place the wafers in the molds before the chocolate sets.

5. Spread the chocolate and scrape off any excess.

You're ready to start your own at-home Kit Kat Chocolatory!

Next step: some fun flavor combos.

Step 5: At-home Kit Kat Chocolatory

So far, I've cast six varieties (copies, if you will) of Kit Kats on my three molds. I made them using my absolute favorite gourmet chocolates that rival Nestle. That's 18 glorious, gourmet Kitty Kats in the following combinations:

1) Strawberry chocolate (that's white chocolate flavored with pulverized freeze dried strawberries) with strawberry wafers.

2) Match green tea with strawberry wafers.

3) White chocolate with dark chocolate wafers.

4) Caramel chocolate with dulce de leche wafers.

5) Dark chocolate with peanut butter wafers.

6) Milk chocolate with hazelnut wafers.

In the works, I'm planning some with bottoms (like crushed nuts), particularly a cayenne dark chocolate with dark chocolate wafers and crushed honey chipotle cashews on the bottom.

I am just so happy to add these molds in my kitchen arsenal.

I hope this inspires you to make your own at-home Kit Kat Chocolatory, too!

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    1 year ago

    Excellent ~ible i must say. I once made treasure chest cake with kitkat. I should have made these aborable custom designs for it.

    1 reply
    Whitney Fabre

    1 year ago

    I love everything about this! Love Kit Kats. Love Cats. Now I love Cat-themed Kitty Kit Kats.

    1 reply
    Peter Balch

    1 year ago

    My father was chief engineer at Rowntrees and was the one person in the factory who had the formula for the volume of a Kit Kat. It was quite complicated when he showed it to me - it was written in pencil on the back of an envelope (or perhaps that's just in my imagination).

    He explained that as the price of chocolate increased he would re-design the moulds to be smaller and smaller until the biscuit started showing through. Then he would increase the size and Rowntrees would put up the price.

    1 reply

    Interesting! I guess Kit Kats started off with the wafers being fully covered. That was something I never even noticed until I started doing these molds and realized the wafers barely have a coating of chocolate. I don't remember them being that way when I was young.

    We had Rowntree back in Canada in the 1980's. The name brings back so much nostalgia!

    Thanks for your story!


    1 year ago

    These are perfect in every way! Love the colors and the cat details :D

    1 reply

    1 year ago

    Truly brilliant. I clicked to check if there was a recipe for the kitkat and there was! You got my vote, great instructable.

    1 reply

    Reply 1 year ago

    Thank you so much for your vote! I hope you try out your very own custom Kit Kat flavors and designs, too!

    Alex in NZ

    1 year ago

    I love the number of different flavours you've put in _one_ 'ible! Also, the freeze-dried strawberry idea is amazing and solves a long-standing problem. Thank you so much for this :-)

    1 reply

    Thank you!

    The powdered freeze dried strawberries are as natural as flavoring gets and I really love it, but they do impart a speckled look and that might matter to some people. I've in the past gotten Lor-Ann flavoring oils specifically for candy/chocolate making so there's no seizing. I never got a strawberry flavor, but I bought their mango and pistachio and I felt they didn't taste natural enough...or maybe I was just heavy-handed!

    Penolopy Bulnick

    1 year ago

    These are simply awesome! Every little thing about these I love from the personalized Kit Kat molds with the cat face to the different flavor combinations! Thanks for sharing this so much. I feel bad for the Kit Kat that was sacrificed to make the mold, but it was for the greater good :D

    1 reply

    LOL!! I'm actually still hanging onto my sacrificial Kit Kats in the fridge with a post-it: DO NOT EAT, HAS GLUE. I wanna make another batch of molds.

    Thanks so much!! I'm glad you enjoyed the Instructable!